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    When all that is done, its time to enjoy some of the activities that only a tropical beach like this one can offer. The Angtong National Marine
    Island Tours has a lot to offer when it comes to activities. The beaches across this expanse even provide the opportunity to walk along
    secluded beaches and at the same time enjoy beach sports from beach volleyball to shallow water snorkeling. Sunbathing is also a
    cherished pastime here.

    Parasailing is a favorite pastime, as is kayaking and snorkeling on the Angtong snorkeling tour. The clear turquoise water holds such
    beautiful marine life, not found anywhere else in the world. The diversity of the oceans here is unparalleled and the water is crystal clear.
    Along many islands, the steep decent of certain depths provide a naturally conducive environment for the Angtong snorkeling tour to view
    the stretch of the ocean down to 40 feet to the sea bed. There are also many places amongst these limestone islands that one could enjoy
    scuba diving. These waters were once heavily pirated with many battles fought off the coast. It is a divers paradise when it comes to
    diving for sunken ships. There are quite a few and the dive shops here will point any diver in the right direction.
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