I am conducting research for a PhD in Tourism Development and Planning, registered with the Faculty of Business and Law at De Montfort University, Leicester, England.

The subject of my research is Sustainable Development and Planning in Koh Phi Phi, focusing upon the different stakeholder interests that interact within the destination to determine whether sustainable development is possible. As part of this process I am trying to establish as many contacts as possible in order to obtain a wide range of views on the subject to ensure that I have a comprehensive picture of the situation regarding the redevelopment on Phi Phi. It is important that I obtain as many viewpoints as possible so that I might make valid conclusions from my research.

There may be people in this forum who either have a link with Phi Phi or would be suitably informed about the wider issues of sustainable development in Thailand. I would like to ask if you would be willing to visit my research website - www.freewebs.com/fayetaylor/ to find out more about my research and, if you are willing to complete one of the online questionnaires - ideally the 'new'one. I would really appreciate any information or opinions you have regarding the redevelopment plans for the island.

I would be extremely appreciative of any assistance that you can provide
or alternatively if you can make any suggestions of other people that
might be suitably informed on this matter.

I look forward to hearing from you

Best Wishes

Faye Taylor
De Montfort University, UK