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Thread: Safety Tips For Solo Travelers

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    Thanks for these travel safety tips Mssmil, i use to follow one safety tip which works in every region. Most countries require the foreign tourists covered up with insurance before they enter the country. However, insurance during travel is a critical issue due to legal differences between two countries.

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    Prepare before you leave home and always carry the hotelís business card.

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    I am very glad after read all of yours posts, I believe that these tips is very helpful and useful for solo travelers. The solo travelers should take care of their personal accessories. You should be aware of the crimes and also the peoples around you. I kept these tips in my mind.

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    Your information is massive. I like solo traveling, but it would be better if you will plan your tour with someone or travel with a tourists group. I am sharing some safety rules which are useful for all the tourists. When you leave from your house then make all the copies of important documents. Many companies provided a guideline about travel safety. The Clever Travel Companion offers nice collections of clothes with hidden pockets. I heard about it through my cousin, while he used some during his tour.

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    ‎Asia! I am going to agree with you here many members share massive information for travelling lovers. According to my aunt Best Bus tour is also a good site for travel in the USA. I also take it three tour, tours personally. I have been feeling relaxed during my journey. I wish I will again take its any other tour. What you say about this site?

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    I am feeling very bad to tell you that I have never take any tour through this site. I have no idea about that but after reading your post, I can assume that you have a great experience there. I have a plan to take tour at least once in my future. Would you like to share about it's services?

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