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Thread: Thailand and Malaysia for first timers...

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    Default Thailand and Malaysia for first timers...

    I've just booked a 5 week holiday with my wife to Thailand, flying in to Bangkok and then leaving from Singapore at the end. We have booked 4 nights in Bangkok, 3 in Kuala Lumpur (later in the trip of course!) and 2 nights in Singapore right at the end, The rest, we hope, we'll "fill in" when we get there.

    Just a few questions though which have arisen after checking the F.O. travel advice (always worrisome!) and other websites:

    1. We've never been to this part of the world before - Thailand itself appears (from what I read) to be potentially in a state of unrest. What is it really like there? We're thinking of travelling from Bangkok to Chang Mai and then back down to Malaysia... thoughts or suggestions?

    2. Crossing the Malaysia/ Thai border by rail or bus would seem, according to some sources, to be dicing with death by machete-wielding bandits. What is the realistic situation for travelling in Southern Thailand, especially the border?

    3. Are the islands around Southern Thailand safe?

    4. What places must we see? (this is probably a big question - just in case you have 1 thing we HAVE to see!)

    I realise that terrorism is a worldwide issue now, but all the things I've been reading today seem somewhat negative, especially in relation to Thailand. A few, more sensible and experienced words might get me excited about the trip again!!



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    Good choice to visit. Bangkok is the capital and the most populous city of Thailand. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Buddhist temples (wats), spotting swanlike chofa finials, ornate gables, roofs of green and orange tiles, crown-like windows, conical chedi (stupas) clad in gold, stucco or ceramic mosaic, or leaf-shaped sema boundary stones around the bot (chapel).
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