If you are a nature lover and love outdoor activities, you likely become an eco-tourist. Here are some places to recommend for those who consider themselves as eco-tourists.

Koh Maphrao (Coconut Island) in Phuket: 10 Minutes from Phuket downtown to Laem Hin pier, then take a long-tail boat to the island (takes about 10 minutes).

Baan Pha Mon in Chiang Mai: close to the slopes of Doi Inthanon. There you can learn how to plant a wide variety of fruits, vegetables also rice. Homestay type

The Organic Agriculture Project at Sukhothai Airport in Sukhothai: The Farm sits in the heart of Sukhothai. 3 guided tours are offered year-round. On the three-day tour, the visitor works alongside farmers, planting or harvesting rice. The Farm provides protective boots and clothing. (more information please visit www.kaohomsukhothai.com)

Mae Kampong in Chiang Mai: Learn how to grow organically plants such as coffee beans, miang (a plant used in a fermented snack popular with northerners).

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