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Thread: Bangkok at night is dangerous or interesting?

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    Default Tips for Long Night Drive

    I love to drive in the night. But night drives are not for everybody. If you like driving and if you enjoy conversation/music then its the best you can have. Its mostly peaceful and there will be more professionals on the road so you just have to follow the rules. Night driving in India is much more eventful and fun than in US of A or for that matter in any western countries.
    Since it is more eventful you need to be more careful too. Here are my tips for it. Before you try your first long night drive. Make sure you have done at least 5 thousand kms day drive. You should have done at least couple of 300+kms drives during the day.
    Since you are not a professional driver love for driving and experience of night outs helps.

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    According to me,it is very interesting to travel in night.I want to travel here.

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