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North and west of the capital, the unwieldy urban mass of bigger port peters out into the Brobdingnagian, well-watered central plains, an area that for hundreds of years has big the majority of the nation’s food and been a tantalizing temptation for close power-mongers. the foremost densely inhabited region of Siam, with sizeable cities besprent among patchworks of paddy, orchards and sugar-cane fields, the plains area unit basic to Thailand’s agricultural economy. Its rivers area unit the key to the present area’s fecundity, particularly the Nan and also the Ping, whose waters irrigate the northern plains before merging to create the Chao Phraya, that meanders slowly south through {bangkok|Bangkok|capital of Siam|Krung Thep|national capital|port} and out into the Gulf of Thailand. more west, the Mae Khlong watercourse sustains the various market gardens and fills the canals that dominate the hinterlands of the water at Samut Songkhram, a centre for a few of the foremost authentic floating markets within the country.

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Arjeet! After reading your post, I come to know that You have a great knowledge about Thailand tourism. I am interested to know about the history of travelling places of its. I heard much about it as Central plains is a commercial region of Thailand. In 1977 Thailand's Central region was divided into 26 provinces and was defined as four-region system by The National Geographical Committee.

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*Jim Thompson House
*Wat Pho
*Khao Yai National Park
*Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden

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