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07-20-2011, 07:50 AM
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Date: August 27-29, 2011
Venue: Bhumibol Dam, Tak Province Bhumibol Dam, Tak Province

Each year, mountain bikers gather at one of Thailand's most scenic dams for a series of mountain bike races and other fun activities.
For more than five years, this Thailand mountain biking event has attracted both locals and overseas visitors to test their biking skills and enjoy a healthy pastime

During the event, mountain bikers and their families gather at the starting line on the crest of the spectacular Bhumibol Dam. This very scenic location provides a variety of race routes that will both challenge semi-pro mountain bike racers and please recreational riders.

It is up to the participants as to how far they wish to push their bikes and bodies. if they want the thrill of dropping down steep slopes through jungle terrain, or the steady pace of riding along a trail over rolling hills that border the reservoir, the organizers have a choice of categories to deliver the right experience. In fact, there are six categories to choose from: long distance 60 km.; family 16 km.; tour biking 10 km.; cycling-cross on the dam's crest 5 km.; international race 39 km.; and amateur 24 km.

Other activities:
- Funny bike (sightseeing around Bhumibol Dam)
- Bike equipment shops (special price)
- OTOP products of Tak Province
- Folk music by Bhumibol Dam youth club. (Evening)
- Youth activities for environmental protection and global warming concerns.

For more information: tourismthailand.org