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06-07-2005, 09:57 PM
Help Koh Phi Phi Foundation (http://www.help-koh-phi-phi.nl)<br>
The foundation is a initiative of two Dutch visitors to Kho-Phi-Phi in december 2004/januari 2005. The disaster was a reason to start the foundation. <br>See the site (http://www.help-koh-phi-phi.nl) <br>
This foundation aims to help the survivors to get back on their own feet as quickly as possible. We will help with longtail boats costing 1800 euros each, so that they can go fishing again, transport goods and take tourists around. With tools so that they can build new houses. Or with money for generators and power units, so that Koh Phi Phi again has electricity and the refrigerators start working again. The destroyed water pipes also have to be repaired/replaced as a matter of urgency, so that the danger of infectious diseases can be avoided. The school, which was totally destroyed, has to be rebuilt quickly, with an annex for the hundreds of children orphaned on Koh Phi Phi on 26 December. That is what our foundation wants to achieve.
With a start in january 2005 uptil now we deliverd succesful boats and tools for a restart. We now work on the development of a fishfarm...etc.
In the next months we work on plans for the return of the tourists.

Help Koh Phi Phi to get back on its feet.

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