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Pattaya Scuba Diving
04-27-2005, 02:47 AM
Enroll in the New PADI Instructor Training All-inclusive Scuba Diving Instructor Internship Program and Get a Guaranteed Job!

Join Us in the Paradise of Pattaya, Thailand. You'll Get New Equipment, Full Accommodations and All Your Books & Study Aids

We're please to announce the launch of a new, all-inclusive scuba diving instructor and divemaster internship program in Pattaya. PADI INSTRUCTOR TRAINING -- www.padiinstructortraining.com (http://www.padiinstructortraining.com) offers instructor, dive master, technical diving and Master Scuba Diver courses that are unique in the marketplace. They're unique becasue, unlike other training courses, PADI Instructor Training offers a GUARANTEED JOB to instructor interns before training is even complete!

PADI INSTRUCTOR TRAINING, operated by Aquanauts Dive Centre -- Pattaya's largest PADI 5-Star Instructor Development Center and the region's only British-owned and operated training center -- can take you from non-diver or other certification to instructor in six months or less. Your comprehensive packages includes a full set of brand new, name-brand equipment including a Suunto dive computer (http://www.padiinstructortraining.com/internships/equipment.html), up to six months luxury accommodations (http://www.padiinstructortraining.com/internships/accommodations.html), all books & study aids, all PADI certification and testing fees, airport transportation and more.

Finally, after four months or less of training, you'll be given a 10,000 baht monthly salary and 10% commission on every course, dive trip or piece of equipment you sell. Guaranteed in writing! No one else can make that offer.

Come read about Pattaya (http://www.padiinstructortraining.com/paradise) and how great the living is there on our website and check out the full details of our internship programs (http://www.padiinstructortraining.com/internships) and guaranteed job (http://www.padiinstructortraining.com/job/). Then contact us -- toll free from the US and via freephone from the UK -- or use our online booking form.

Good diving to you!

PADI Instructor Training
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